Gold has been used as currency for over 5,000 years. Throughout history it has maintained its purchasing power because it cannot be printed and has a finite supply providing a long term insurance policy. As a finite and limited resource gold has protected investors against currency inflation and market fluctuations. With the new age consumer trends and demands for traceability and ethically sourced luxury goods, SAX supply chain of ethically certified  gold adhering to all international standards combined with international market prices for Ethically certified gold which is already seen to be making premiums over non certified gold.


Oud or liquid gold as it is commonly called, is one of the oldest traded commodities on the planet and can be traced back to the dawn of time itself. In Middle Eastern, Asian and particularly Chinese cultures it is seen as one of the major indicators of wealth and success. It is also a daily consumable in its pure form, used in perfumes, incense and a myriad of end products including global luxury perfumes, medicine, health, wellness, skincare and carvings.


Gold and Pure Oud acts as an important diversification tool and safety net for investors as the gold and Oud price tends to inversely correlate with traditional risk assets. In fact since records began Oud has never dropped in price showing consistent annual growth and demand over the last 150 years.


Whilst high stock prices, a strong USD and signs of renewed economic growth have helped to suppress the gold price, these trends will not continue indefinitely.


Along with many of the world’s leading financial analysts, we advocate the purchase of physical allocated gold and other high value natural resources like Oud held outside of the banking system.


The 2008 financial crisis showed us the systemic risks associated with large banks and whilst some of the worst excesses have been cleansed, especially in the USA, banks around the world continue to rely on government and central bank support.


Many of the same problems still exist. They are being masked by money printing that cannot go on forever. Worse still, given global indebtedness it is uncertain that governments and central banks have the resources to stave off the next crisis.



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