The Oud industry which is estimated annually to be worth US$10 to $20 Billion is rife with corruption, grey and black market trading, illegal de-forestation, product tampering and the dilution or mixing with inferior essential oils, or often illegal additives. It is this historical status quo that SAX will disrupt and transform with a new pioneering platform, a gateway of accessibility to wholesale market traders. SAX provides a truly global marketplace that is both scalable and efficient. The scalability of the SAX platform makes its application suitable to a diverse range of market sectors and presents a correspondingly diverse range of value propositions. This scalability and versatility, coupled with our unique price discovery mechanism, ensure that we effectively match the needs of all our target markets and also cater to the regional needs of sustainable asset traders around the world.

Manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries, including; cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, health supplements, beverages, fashion in addition to energy utility companies and plastics manufacturers are seeking the next generation sustainable and/or bio-degradable alternative's. Globally, consumers are now demanding sustainable, ethical, transparent and legal supply chains across all products and raw materials. SAX has harnessed the power of blockchain and SAP based technologies to revolutionise the way these industries and speculators buy or sell their raw commodities in a secure environment. Utilising our own crypto-payment tokens we offer seamless cross border transactions, in real time, protecting the buyer, seller and producer.


Adoption of the new International Grading system for both Oud Oil and Agarwood chips, will allow global traders to buy or sell products that have both the proven quality, certifications and traceability required to legally trade internationally. Our network of international vaults will act as a safe and secure haven for these assets, with options to dispatch samples, with full provenance and certification pack, prior to full order placement.


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